Home, sweet home.

I’m sitting down at this dining table, having lamb steak that I cooked myself, at home, my home, my very own first home. 😀 Yip. Sun has bought himself his first home all by himself.

Home 1

Home 2

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Pondering and reflecting

Looking back 7 years when I first came to this country from an ordinary but well educated, traditional, middle class Chinese family in mainland China, this country was a wonderland. And It has been rather eventful.

From the time when I took the homestay’s car out for a drive when they weren’t home just a week after I arrived in the country, and thought it was quite alright, to the point where the homestay mother at-the-time thought it was also quite alright to take my US dollars that was meant to be my living expenses and fled to Australia.

From the point where I left the English Language school where it was a total scam set up by the agent who was responsible for sending me abroad to gaining an A bursary and awarded scholarships upon leaving high school and sending myself to University of Auckland.

From the point where I was awarded with a Faculty of Science Scholarship, developed my first real world computer application and published a paper in ACM, to coming the top in Microsoft ImagineCup 2005 in the country, to graduating with my BCom/BSc last year and landed on my first full time job with NZTC.

From the point where my job application for a position at Microsoft HQ in Seattle was turned down in the VERY LAST phase of the interview, to where I was offered jobs with three different I.T. companies here in N.Z, to moving down to Wellington and started with Intergen and bought the house I’m sitting in typing this up this very second.

It surely has been life changing 7 years for this Chinese lad thriving in New Zealand, and he surely is proud of what he’s achieved thus far and hoping to do better in what he fell short in the past.

But wait, there is more – what is life all about?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many many many time since I was little. Remember back at primary school in China, I was made, as well as other unfortunate souls, to write about what I wanted to do/be when I grow up. Just like many of my peers, this was probably the last thing on our mind at the time. But it kept coming back to me and poking me from beind and saying “So what IS IT that you wanna be when you grow up?” It worried me on the odd ocassions.

Not till so long ago in the last couple of years at uni, I felt rather miserable because I hadn’t quite figured out what was it that I wanted out of my life. I thought to myself, life isn’t about just doing a job and make a living (knowing that I do need to support myself somehow) but it must be more than just that. It should be about doing something I’m really passionate towards and enthused about. So I talked to and debated with all sorts people from different walks in life; lecturers at uni, the cleaners at the apartment I stayed at, colleagues, my bike gangs, random people on the net,  ones I disliked, ones I cared about and one I had absolutely nothing to do with, all in a goal of searching for the ultimate profession that I’d have enjoyed doing for the rest of my life.  The search, however,  ended in vain.

But what I have came to realise from the search is, it’s not about WHAT I do. It doesn’t really matter what I do, what matters is HOW I do it. Whatever I do, I do it with my full heart and soul, do it with an attitude of “I haven’t got a second chance and I’ll give it my best shot at it”, If I look back at in my life, I’m competitive by nature. I’ve always been wanting to do anything and everything better than my peers.

I quite agree with what Bill Clinton said in his autobiograhy “My Life” about The necessity of list short, medium and long term life goals, then categorising them in order of their importance, with the A group being the most important, the B group next, and the C the last, then listing under each goal specific activites designed to achieve them.

Much like a faithful Christain without being able to read the bible at least once in his life, a man living through his life without knowing what his dreams are,  is indeed unfortunate. I very much admire a friend Anna. She gave up her comfortable and supposedly well paid job at a bank and went with her dream; becoming a makeup artist and hairdresser.

Just like what I wrote on Anna’s blog, the lucky ones get to know what their dreams are, the luckier ones get to do what they dream about, and luckiest ones get to realise their dreams. So what about you?

Remember, whenever there is hope, there is life.

Never stop dreaming and never ever stop chasing dreams, because this is life really about.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Princesscaa Oliiiiiiiiiiivia on August 16, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    i was almost falling asleep for most of this blog…unfortunately i made the mistake of starting from the top and reading my way down…but then the words became blurred as i struggled to stay awake and my finger on the mouse was uncontrollably scrolling down quickly in the hope to find something better.
    i’m grateful for this blog.
    basically because it gives me some insight into who this sir sun really is, oh i’m sorry, sir sooooooooooooooooooooooon ;P and i am well impressed that he now has a castle…even though he will never be king.
    have u only been in nz for 7 years? i thought it was longer. anyway – just wanted to say that i appreciate this part of your blog for it is far more interesting than reading about software development. personal opinion of course. i now must finish because i have much more important things to do 😛


  2. Posted by Liren on September 29, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    Finally, there is something stuff thats really really interesting in your blog. Wait, I didn’t say your usual stuff is boring. hoho, just less interesting :p
    Nice home indeed. Unlike me, still trying to figure out where to settle down. But one of those days, I am gonna have my own castle too. A real castle, seriously.


  3. Posted by helen on October 9, 2011 at 2:17 am

    I am happy for your achievements and quite admire you as a still young and energetic boy. Now you have got most of your life routines settled, good for u. the lucky ones get to know what their dreams are, the luckier ones get to do what they dream about, and luckiest ones get to realise their dreams. i hope we can all be the luckiest!


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