DYN330 SharePoint Strategies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is my first session at Tech Ed 2009, Australia. In fact, this is my first time presenting at Tech Ed ever. It was nerve-wracking presenting in front of hundreds of people. Thanks to the folks who came to this session. I got 6 more twitter followers as a result of that!!! I hope you got something out of it, as much as I intended to deliver 🙂

So here is source code that I used in today’s session.



1. This code includes:
    a. Chromeless SharePoint site definition
    b. CRM Workflow for creating the SharePoint site
    c. CRM Plugin assembly that upload CRM email attachment to SharePoint site
    d. Business Data Catalog application definition for CRM
        (This is based on the Analytics Accelerator)

2. The SharePoint site definition was built with WSP Builder v1.0.6, the latest at the time of this post. The CRM solution was built with CRM Developer Toolkit v1.1. You might want to download and install these tools to build the code.

3. Apologies that I can’t provide the slide decks for download as they are only available for Tech Ed 2009 attendees from CommNet.



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