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CRM Jargon in Chinese

The background:

This is a way overdue post from earlier this year when I delivered some training courses in Mandarin Chinese in China.

Fact is, I had to translate over 300 pages of PPT slides from English to Chinese. So I picked up a lot of CRM jargons in Chinese in a very short period of time. The training courses I delivered were Business Action World Tour in Beijing and Shanghai, which was a 200 level, 4 hours session on xRM with various other MSFT technologies. And Business Action Training Tour, a 300 level 2 day full on training course diving deep on BAWT contents in Guangzhou.

The irony: – 恶补中文!(惡補中文!)

“But aren’t you a native Chinese speaker?” I hear you ask, and “yes” is the answer. However I can articulate these terms well in English since I learnt them in English, but I really had to learn what they are in Chinese as some of them are quite technical.

It’s rather ironic. When my Dad decided that I should become a shepherd and sent me to New Zealand 10 years ago, I had to learn the language – Engrish – pretty much from ground up. The only language that I did know was Chinese, so you’d see Chinese translations scribbled all over the English text I’d have been given to study. This time around, you still see Chinese translations of the English words all over my PPTs. But I was learning Chinese this time rather than English…

The content:

So I’ve compiled a list of these terms from my recollection and I will amend it as I remember more. Some are really simple, others are pretty technical.

English (en-nz) Simplified Chinese (zh-cn) Traditional Chinese
CRM 客户关系管理 客戶關係管理
Seamless integration 无缝集成 無縫集成
Multi-currency 多币种 多弊種
Multi-language 多语言 多語言
Marketing Analysis 市场营销分析 市場營銷分析
Data Cleansing 数据清理 數據清理
Opportunity 商业机会,市场机会 商業機會,市場機會
Lead 潜在客户,潜在顾客 潛在客戶,潛在顧客
Contact 联系人,关联者 聯繫人,關連人
Cost 成本 成本
Profit 利润 利潤
Revenue 收入 收入
Sunk cost 沉没成本 沉沒成本
Liability 负债 負債
Equity 所有者权益 所有者權益
Capital 资本 資本
Asset 资产 資產
Marketing Campaign 市场活动 市場活動
Marketing campaign response 市场活动响应 市場活動響應
Mail merge template 邮件合并模板 郵件合併模板
Lead qualification 潜在客户验证 潛在客戶驗證
Customer Loyalty 客户忠诚度 客戶忠誠度
Return on Investment (ROI) 投资回报 投資回報
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 服务级别协议 服務及別協議
Business process 业务流程 業務流程
Real time communication 实时交流 實時交流
Marketing channels 商业渠道 商業渠道
Response rate 响应率 響應率
Sales target 销售指标 銷售指標
Trending analysis 趋势分析 趨勢分析
Up sale 升级销售 升級銷售
Cross sale 交叉销售 交叉銷售
Workflow customization 工作流定义 工作流定義
Workflow rule 工作流规则 工作流規則
Dashboard 监控看板 監控看板
Online marketing 在线营销 在線營銷
Telemarketing 电话营销 電話營銷
Custom UI 自定义用户界面 資定義用戶界面
Support call 支持请求 支持請求
Support case 支持案例 支持案例
Case management 案例管理 案例管理
Customer satisfaction 客户满意度 客戶滿意度
Customer experience 客户体验 客戶體驗
Self service web portal 自助网站 自助網站
Communication channel 交互渠道 交互渠道
Knowledge base 知识库 知識庫
Consistent customer service experience 始终如一的客服体验 始終如一的客戶體驗
Client side scripting 代理脚本 代理腳本
Call centre 呼叫服务中心 呼叫服務中心
Knowledge base article (KBA) 知识库文章 知識庫文章
Third party integration 第三方集成 第三方集成
Quote, sales order, contracts 报价,订单,合同 報價, 訂單, 合同
Offline access 脱机访问 託機訪問
Sales cycle 销售周期 銷售周期
Line of business application (LOB) 商业应用系统 商業應用系統
Follow up process 跟踪流程 跟蹤流程
Lead routing 分派潜在客户 分派潛在客戶
Win rate 成交率 成交率
Wizard driven 向导驱动 嚮導驅動
Customer interactions 客户交互 客戶交互
Open proposal 未决报价 未決報價
From proposal to invoice 从报价到开票 從報價到開票
Close sales 成交 成交
Sales literature 销售宣传资料 銷售宣傳資料
Sales metrics 销售度量 銷售度量
Performance indicator 业绩指标 業績指標
Product catalog 产品目录 產品目錄
Sales pipeline 销售来源 銷售來源
Customer retention 客户保留 客戶保留
Scalability 可伸展性 可伸展性
Software as a Service (SaaS) 软件即服务 軟件即服務
On-Premise deployment 内部部署 內部部署
Custom development 二次开发 二次開發
Plugins 插件 插件
Data visualization 数据可视化 數據可視化
Mobile development 嵌入式开发 嵌入式開發
Vector-based composition 基于矢量的组成 基於矢量的組成
Extensibility 扩展性 擴展性
databinding 数据绑定 數據綁定
Full trust application 全信托应用程序 全信託應用程序
Business productivity 商业效率 商業效率
Business intelligence 商业智能 商業知能
Unified communication 统一通讯 統一通訊
Enterprise search 企业搜索 企業搜索
Office Business Application (OBA) 办公商业应用 辦公商業應用
Web Portal 门户网站 門戶網站
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 企业内容管理 企業內容管理
Workspace 工作空间 工作空間
Instant messaging 即时通讯 即時通訊
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 企业服务总线 企業服務總線
Partner hosted deployment 合作伙伴托管部署 合作夥伴託管部署
Authentication, authorization 认证,授权 認證, 授權
Transaction 事务 事務
Access control 访问控制 訪問控制
Metering, billing 计量,计费 計量, 計費
Platform providers 平台提供商 平台提供商
Industry solution providers 行业解决方案供应商 行業解決方案提供商
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) 软件开发商 軟件開發商
Value Added Resellers (VARs) 增值经销商 增值經銷商
System Integrators (SIs) 系统集成商 系統集成商
Distributors 分销商 分銷商
Multi-tenancy 多托管者架构 多托管者架構
Hosting provider 托管商 托管商
Tenant 托管者 托管者
Database failover 数据库切换 數據庫切換
Downtime 中断时间 中斷時間

I’m taking BATT to China


If you don’t know what BATT is, read this earlier post. Over the past week and a bit I’ve been busy localizing some of the training material for our Chinese audience and I’ll be taking it to China for my follow countrymen and women later this month (June 2009)

This training tour is a two full day training course that focuses on building Line of Business applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. There are 6 modules;

1. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with Windows Presentation Foundation
2. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with Silverlight
3. Microsoft Office Client Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
4. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with Unified Communication
5. Introduction to Azure Services Platform with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with Windows Azure

Each module consist of one hour of ppt and demos, followed by another hour of 300 level deep code dive hands on labs.


Date & Time: 24th & 25th June 2009, Start from 9:00am each day
日期和时间:2009年6月24,25号。 每天早上9点开始。

Location:  7th Floor, Tianjun International, No.365 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, China
地址: 广州市天河区天河路365号天俊国际大厦七楼

Cost: FREE!!!  免费!!!


There are VERY limited spaces available as this will be the ONLY BATT course for the ENTIRE China, a country with 1.6 billion population (yeah, go figure.)

So, to register email Liping on with your details!

See you all there!!! (Oh, it will be delivered in Mandarin Chinese BTW 😉

So I’ll be hitting the road again 22nd – 28th June WLG – AKL – HKG – CAN – TAO – HKG – CHC – WLG (looking forwards to seeing my folks again @TAO) 🙂