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Tribute to my HTC TyTN

A few weeks after I successfully upgraded my TyTN to MW6 and fully expected another couple of years of life out of it… I have now parted with my beloved TyTN for good.

The story went, I went tubing (like water rafting but on a truck tube) with the phone for 5 hours, it got wet and doesn’t matter how hard I tried it refused to switch on… 😦 No I’m not stupid, I did put it in a brand new Kathmandu dry bag and the dry bag itself was inside of a pack liner. However, the ruthless water still found its way through and brutally took its life away… From the trip, I picked up a new term *Crapmandu*

Following, I’m listing out the benefits I got out of my TyTN and some of it drawbacks as paying my tribute to it and my appreciation of its two years service. 🙂

Before you read on, I want to make it clear that to judge a phone is good or bad, it is very much dependant on what you want out of it. For me, I do emailing, calendaring and tasking (is that a word?) use it as an iPod, a good information repository, essentially an extension to my laptop but in my pocket rather than my backpack.

1. Windows Mobile OS’ are GREAT!!! They work so seamlessly with Microsoft stack of technologies like, exchange (with Active Sync). So that keep your email, calendar items and tasks in sync all the time (Well, as long as there is a cheap / free connection, thanks to Wi-Fi). So I thought of all the stuff I need to get from the supermarket during the day at work, I list them out in a task on my outlook, after work when I get to supermarket and I can’t quite remember all the items I thought out during the day so I just pull out my TyTN and the task is there for me… This is the kinda seamlessness I’m talking about. The same thing goes with outlook email. contacts and calendar. It’s just so handy when you want to look something up.

2. The hardware, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.0. Wi-Fi on a WM is just awesome!!!
Ok, 3G, this is the least used functionality, NOT because it’s a failing technology but the monopolistic vodafone is making it prohibitively expensive for any data your want through their 3G network, so only my phone calls and text messages have the luxury of getting a lift on their 3G network… Most of the time I don’t use 3G to sync up with exchange. Unless I’m really desperate and willing to take a stab on my account balance, like showing off to a hot date what movies are on via the internet on my TyTN 😀

Wi-Fi is the answer to the vodafone’s evil data charge. I’ve configured my phone to automatically & periodically connect up to the wireless network at work and home to sync my stuff up with work exchange, this is where the seamlessness happens 🙂 And it’s free!!!

Bluetooth 2.0 IS BRILLIANT!!! I sync up podcasts as albumns through Microsoft Media Player with my TyTN, so when I’m on the go, I listen to them off a pair of bluetooth stereo headset that supports A2DP (allows you to pull some quality music through your headphones) and ARRCP (allows you to change volumn and tracks on the headset), and am looking to buy some better bluetooth stereo headsets. You could also sync up outlook stuff through bluetooth connection with your laptop, active sync supports this.

3. The sliding QWERTY keyboard is great for texting and typing out a short email – I personally think a QWERTY keyboard is a must have on a business smart phone these days I’d kick myself so hard finding myself typing up an email / txt msg with a phone keypad.

4. Battery life on TyTN was good overall. I only had the original battery and during its two years service I had never felt the desire for a backup battery. BUT battery tends to drain out significantly quicker when your Wi-Fi is connected all the time. So when use Wi-Fi for syncing, configure it so that it only connects when it needs to sync. Also Bluetooth connection has a noticeable drainage on the battery as well…

The following are some rants I have about WMs devices. I’ve been a proud owner of windows based mobile devices since WM 2003 2nd phone edition… I’ve gone through three of them over the years. I’m very used to the OS. But the one of the things I think TyTN and all the WM devices lack is STORAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 128MB / 256MB of RAM and ROM just doesn’t cut it for me!!!


Sure you can jam a 4GB MicroSD in it (which I put my podcasts on), but that’s NOT ENOUGH!!! I don’t understand why don’t HTC shove a big hard drive in there like iPod?!?! Is it that technically challenging with WMs? I think it’s more of a hardware challenge… Sure, if they want to go down the solid state storage road, then WTH does Nokia, Sony Ericsson and SAMSUNG can do a 8GB or 16GB on board memory and HTC can’t?!?! It think it’s just a matter of time for HTC to push out WMs phones with decent internal storage… and I shall hold back till that moment 😉

For phones, I think solid state storage is definitely the way to go. Even for laptops…

Insurance has replaced my phone with a Sony Ericsson P1 which is symbian based. It has all the functionalities that I had in TyTN… But I’m still getting use to it…

"It won’t be long before we see our phones have on board storage as big as our computers…" – prophecy by Sun


I was introduced to this little broswer plugin by a colleague today… and it certainly swept me off the floor. It’s the best eye candy since flash? If you are reading this, you are in the wrong place, is the place you want to go, download it and have a play!!!

As I was thinking how it was implemented… I was wondering apart from Flash and Silverlight, what other technologies out there can do this sort of things?!?! Angyone?

Then I came across this post

Oh and this might keep you busy for a while too :p


Windows Mobile 6 on HTC TyTN

                                                                                                                     HTC TyTN 

I’ve been a proud owner of a HTC TyTN (or a few other names like HTC P4500 / HTC Z / Qtek 9600 / Dopod 838 Pro / Dopod CHT9000 / i-mate JASJAM / O2 Xda Trion / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / Vodafone VPA Compact III / Vodafone v1605 / SFR v1605 / Orange SPV M3100 / AT&T 8525 / Cingular 8525 / Swisscom XPA v1605 / SoftBank X01HT, phew… that was a mouthful. Why the hell do carrier love giving same thing different names?!?!?!?!!!!!) for a while now.

UX aside, it has been a great piece of technology companion funtionality wise. But since WM6 came out, I’ve been itching for the Windows Mobile 6 goodness… Without having to set myself back for another grand and a half for a TyTN II, I decided to flash my TyTN ROM for the better.

If you ever wanted to do ANYTHING with your TyTN, this and this are where you want to start looking at.

If you ever wanted to flash your TyTN for WM6. Here are some points;

1. ALWAYS ALWAYS flash your TyTN with the hardSPL or you’d be running the risk of bricking it (Making it unbootable). This page explains why and how you do it.

2. Safest to go with a mainstream image, simply because it’d extensively tested and used => Less likely to brick your unit and more community support if something does happen. Schaps ROMs are fairly popular out there. Here is a list of the ROMs and here are step by step instructions on how not to brick it.

3. If you had gone with Schaps WM6 Pro [Multilingual], there might be a bit of a catcha that wasn’t explained in the instructions. When you come to upgrade your radio, you were asked to select auto detect the boot loader. For me, it would always error on my saying “Error, unknown version! You should pick SSPL”. All you need to do here is go with “Force using SSPL” and Next from there. You should be good as gold ONLY after you’ve flashed the hardSPL PRIOR to this step… The same thing happened to me when I came to upgrade to WM6 as well, the same answer applies there.

4. Did I say if you were using VISTA, there is a bit a prep work to do prior to all of the above… 

 The entire process was painless and took me about 2 hours (This includes cooking up a massive pot of pasta which is my next week’s food supply :0) And there I was, away laughing…

MSFT’s Surface computing

Guess we all have seen the Adobe TED 2006 multi touch computing presentation on YouTube or wherever, it certainly took my breath away.

Guess what is MSFT’s take on this? Yip u guessed it, it’s surface computing. Here is Larry Larsen on Channel 10 introducing it…

(This is a different session from the ones on YouTube, the video quality is much better.)

The applications in this presentation that MSFT has come up with are simply mind blowing…

Enjoy 😀