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Being agile in a service based industry

Today I presented in our Intergen Wellington D&I mentoring session for the first time about agile development in a service based company. I think I have a really good story to tell but don’t think I articulated it as well I had hoped to.

I shall refrain myself from repeating what’s already been said succinctly in the slides.

Here are the slides in ppt Being agile in a service based industry


Microsoft Office 07 has been out for AGES and WordPress doesn’t even allow me to upload an .pptx file. That’s just not on!!!



Sunrise :D

First of all, I’d like to say thanks for your relentless support for my blog, as of today I have received the grand total of 1 comment. (hooray!!!), and it was one word, “Cool!” from Liren😀 Yip, that pretty much sums up my blog. 😛 Thanks for the sccinctness Liren, and just for that the prize of “” goes to you!!! Congratulations !!! (*clapping sound*)

 Peter was telling me the other day “Sun, you suck at keeping a blog. :P”. I paused for a sec and replied “Yeah I know… but when I had the time, I’d rather be relaxing on the beach than sitting in front of a computer and writing about how much I enjoy my life”.

 Then why am I writing again then? because I have some news to share with you all today. 😀 Today I handed in my resignation letter with NZTC and/or eceLearn and am to embark on a new journey in early June with Intergen in Wellington. Yip Sun is on the move again.

Why moving? Intergen is one of the best MS shops in the country you can find. I know (about) quite a number of (ex-)Intergenites. One thing I can say about them is, they live and breathe what they do. They have a real passion towards using technologies to create values for businesses, and that,  is exactly what I want to do with my life for the next few years. Just to name a few, Jeremy Boyd, John-Daniel Trask, Adam Green, Andrew Tokeley. Even Chris Auld has joined Intergen, even Nigel Parker used to work for intergen too… All these folks are very smart and nice (maybe not Chris on the nice part :P), they are well known and respected in the community. These are the people I’m looking up to…

 I have been planning on blogging about quite a few things recently actually, things like

1. embedding swf in html pages

2. IE7 and FF 2.* on javascript

3. Recursion V.S. Loops

4. Considerations before creating a new service in a S.O.A. world.

5. Service overloading???

6. WCF experience

Watch this space…. 😀