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CRM Licensing in Dev, UAT and Production

There is plenty of information out there on MSCRM licensing model; Server License, Device CAL and User CAL, Connector License etc etc… But, if you are a dev shop, or an organization that does your own development, if you follow standard software release cycle practice and have Development, User Acceptance Testing and finally Production environments. What’s the licensing situation around these? After a bit of a chat with the local MS Dynamics CRM Specialist Dirk.Develter@MSFT, here is the breakdown.


Server and user CALs – The organization has to have the server licensed, this is usually via MSDN which covers the Server License as well as up to 10 user CALs.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Server – These have to be purchased separately for each installed CRM Server instances OR if the organization has MSDN they could use these as well.
If the organization has bought Server licenses for Production, they may NOT use these for UAT as they are physically separate CRM Server instances.

User CALs – If the organization has MSDN feel free, if not these will have to be purchased separately. BUT, if the organization has purchased CALs for Production they can use these for UAT as well.

Bottom line is – if there is a separate installed CRM Server instance (or server role in the case of Enterprise edition), you need a separate server license.


Server and user CALs – cough up with the hard cold cash and dash them to MSFT.