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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Business Action World Tour – Beijing, Shanghai China

From the 9th to the 15th March I delivered a training course “Business Action World Tour” in Beijing and Shanghai, China – in mandarin. 🙂 It is part of a greater Microsoft Metro program, which is a technology early adoption program by Microsoft Dynamics DPE team in Seattle.

These were half a day overview events focusing on the following aspects with demos to kill;

1. Dwelling on the xRM concept and elaborate on building Line-of-Business applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an application platform. To hear Steve Ballmer himself talking about xRM in an exclusive interview with Destination CRM Magazine July 2008 issue (Flash Player required.)

2. Leveraging Microsoft’s investments in WPF and Silverlight to build compelling user experiences into Line-of-Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

3. Increase information workers’ productivity and Leverage organizations’ existing investment and skills with MS Office suite of products, by building Office Business Applications (OBAs) that interact with MS CRM. So information workers don’t have to leave their familiar environments – Office word, excel etc – to perform LoB application tasks.

4. Increase organization wise productivity by exploring possible integration points with “Office on the server” products, SharePoint and OCS specifically.

5. Compare the pros and cons for different deployment possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0; On-Premise, Partner hosted or Microsoft’s own datacenter through CRM online.

6. Showcase a self-service web application that integrates with a LoB application built on Dynamics CRM Online, also consumes third party services. The best part is, this web application is hosted by Windows Azure Services Platform. So, anything and everything about this application is in the cloud.

I’ve learnt so much delivering this course in Mandarin. To ease understanding of my Chinese audience, I translated the 101 pages of  PPT from English to Chinese, I picked up all of the technical terms in Chinese along the way. The translated version of the PPT is here for download for anyone that’s interested.

Also, I’m writing a post on what the Chinese market is like for Microsoft Business Solutions, so subscribe to this blog to stay tuned.

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