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I’m a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP



Today, I received in my email from the local MVP lead that I have been awarded MVP for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is a key milestone for my career.

Here is the link to my profile

Here I’d like to say thanks to a few that I can’t have possibly achieved this without…

1. Thanks to MSFT for giving me this recognition for my contribution to the local technical community and Rose for nominating me 🙂

2. Thanks to Tokes, my mentor back at Intergen day. Thanks for your relentless nurturing and help in my Intergen days and beyond.

3. Chris Auld, thanks for taking me under your wings and inspiring me along the way.

4. @TeamIntergen – my last employer, thanks for giving me the great opportunities to work on the most challenging projects there are in New Zealand along with a team of awesome Intergenites.

5. Thanks to folks from local MBS and DPE team: Darryl Burling, Catherine Eibner, Stuart Gibbs, Dirk Develter.

6. Mostly importantly, thanks to everyone in the local Dynamics community, you are the stars!!!