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When it comes to politics and religions, rather than rushing into my own conclusions and taking sides I tend to be a silent observer. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and should be free to express them and these rights should be respected by others. But forcing someone’s opinions onto others is quite a different story.

But how does someone form an opinion over a matter? Put simply, I think people absorb (hear, see, smell, feel etc) information about something and apply their principles, moralities to it. If you think about it, there are quite a few carriers/barriers from the point where an incident occured or a matter came to existence, to formation of an opinion over that incident/matter…

So how do people learn about something happened? – The biggest player here is the media.

Can media really just report on factual information unbiasedly, without having a positive or negative connotation on the news they report on? Unlikely. Remember media companies’ goal is to get the highest possible viewership and readership. They’d speculate, distort and fabricate news however they like to suit their audiences’ tastes.

Funny enough, people fall for it. It’s interesting that people tend to take these reports at face value without digging a little deeper and doing a little more research on the subject. What’s sad is, people will form their own opinions based on these so called news at face value. It seems that having an opinion is more important than finding out what actually is going on. Okay, that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be free to express them. Sure, healthy discussions should be encouraged, we should respect others’ opinions and all. But what’s pathetic is starting preaching your opinions to others that disagree, personally attacking others that disagree,  or even worse, becoming violent in the name of defending so called “justice”… All of this is based on the prematurely formed opinions…

Others call it media effect, I call it manipulation, when you put politics and religions into the equation, it soon turns into a nightmare.