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WEB 304 Building Silverlight Application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

This is the second session I delivered in Tech Ed 2009 Australia. It went bloody well I reckon, heaps better than my first session in terms of delivery and time management, and evaluations have rightfully reflected on this as well.

The following is a link the source code I used for this demo.



1. I originally developed this code sample for Business Action Training Tour (BATT) that happened around the world in May/June 2009.

2. This is Silverlight 3.0 code.

3. It uses a charting control from Silverlight 3.0 Control Toolkit, July 2009 version.

4. It will be published on MSDN as a HOL by DPE Corp.

5. As I mentioned earlier, I’m allowed to distribute my Tech Ed decks freely. Sorry about that folk, but you can always email me and ask questions about it. 🙂